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About Us

Walkerville Artists Collective (WAC) is a dynamic collective of local artists, artisans, and authors showcasing their work in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. Shown and sold in the gallery are paintings, pottery, photography, mixed media, encaustics, sculptures, books, body products, jewellery, art glass, and fabric arts.

WAC is run by its members and is a not-for-profit organization.


Many programs are run by the WAC group: those for youth, visiting artist program, sculpture contest, annual members’ showcase, and much more.

WAC brings culture to the community and the community to culture. Speaking of culture, we also take part in the annual National Canada Culture Days (end of September) and several other events in conjunction with the Walkerville BIA.


Please enjoy this site, and if in the area, drop in to see the artwork for yourself.


In conclusion, WAC has made their mark on the community as a shop and a gallery, a resource center, and an interesting place to spend some time. We have local artists, artisans, and authors bringing some of the most beautiful and thought-provoking creativity to Windsor and Essex. We pull in resources to aid in duties and help local residents fully engage in the art community. Ask how you can become a part of this vital group.

Our Philosophy

We believe that art is an important and fundamental part of our society. Living with art and engaging with artists should be accessible to everyone. At Walkerville Artists Collective, we are changing the way the world experiences art. Our mission is to help both established and aspiring collectors alike, to discover, learn about, and collect fine and fun art.

We offer limited editions and original works, from the most recognized artists to rising stars, and make them available for sale at affordable prices. Our team has a deep appreciation for the positive role that artists, cultural institutions, and not-for-profit organizations play in our society. Every single sale of artwork directly supports an artist.

By collecting with WAC, you are helping to sustain creative culture around the Windsor-Essex area, as well as supporting an important organization that is dedicated to making the world a better place. What makes us unique, is we bring the finest selection of art works that reflect the issues of our time.

We are an art adviser – a trusted source for information, access and exclusive works you cannot find anywhere else. When you collect with us, not only are you collecting the most important artists working in the area today, you are making a good investment: an investment in art, in artists and in yourself. Most of all, we hope you will find that collecting and living with art is something you enjoy and continue to do for a lifetime.


Proudly working with:


Proudly working with:

The Walkerville Artists Collective is very thankful to the City of Windsor and the Arts, Culture and Heritage Fund sponsorship, which provided funds supporting the Visiting Artists program.

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