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Arlene Dobson, wood carver

Arlene had been working with wood for many years, and while she loved the satisfaction she gained by making furniture, she realized that she needed a change. While on vacation in Florida in 2017 she was fortunate enough to be introduced to wood carving through a seminar at a wood show, which opened up a whole new world of possibilities to her. She purchased carving tools and was given a supply of bass wood, and quickly became hooked on exploring this new artform and developing her personal style.


Wood carving brings many rewards and challenges, and Arlene’s approach is to listen and allow the wood to speak to her. As a result, every piece she creates is different and unique, many incorporating found objects, whimsical touches, and a sense of humour.


Arlene has been a member at Walkerville Artists Collective since 2019, where she displays her carved wood sculptures and tole-painted pieces, and also takes a very active role in day-to-day gallery operations.

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