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Debbie Mazar, painter, artisan

Debbie was born and raised right here in Windsor, Ontario.  Her parents were immigrants from the Slovak Republic, once part of Czechoslovakia.


From a very early age, she showed talent in creative artwork.  But as life got busy with marriage (where she also kept her heritage near by marrying her husband who also immigrated to Canada from Slovakia) and raising a family, she put painting on the back burner for approximately 40 years.  Now retired from Green Shield Canada, and having three grown children, Debbie has rekindled her love of art.  Finding joy in painting using acrylic and watercolours, she usually has a story to tell behind each picture painted.

Also, at a very young age, Debbie learned to crochet to create clothing, blankets, scarves, hats, etc. 

Because of her Slavic heritage, Debbie recently found the inspiration to use her crocheting skills to create colourful mandalas, not only of Slavic origin, but soon realizing that mandalas are recognized in many cultures throughout the world.  Debbie uses her creativity to create unique wall mandalas, mainly of Slavic influence.

Debbie has also been inspired and has a passion for “feathers”, perhaps, by the recent passing of her dear mother.  Not long after, a feather  was dropped in her path. as a sign that her mother was still near.  This is a beautiful symbol that she holds close to her heart.

You can find Debbie on Facebook.

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