Nurse 1961 - Artist 2016

Pat St Louis - Artist Statement

Patricia St Louis csj thrives in exploring, the evolution of self and the wonder of all creation through art.

Painting becomes an experience of a sacred process and the unfolding of mystery of our evolutionary


For years her focus was wellness and integrating spirituality and art into retreat work and workshops.

For her the greatest goal is using art as a healing vehicle for body, mind and spirit. Art has the power to

awakens consciousness leading to transformation and change in our world. The diversity that surfaces

in painting requires great risk moving sometimes though chaos, then oneness, harmony, beauty and


Pat as a visual artist she works in acrylic, collage, wire, and watercolor. She has co-authored Discovering

New Ways to Wellness, Qigong dvd and a Meditation cd Pivotal Points.

Most recently she has led a retreat integrating art and spirituality in LePuy France (2014) and Coburg

Ontario (2016) Exploring the Divine. Currently she has a studio in Tecumseh Ontario and offers

art/spirituality related programs to small groups.


Pat can be reached at or

phone 519-254- 3404

Bio for Theresa Tremblay


I was always doodling and drawing and wanted to learn painting.  Graduated as a nurse from HDH in 1961.  I worked as a nurse for many years and even taught for the University of Windsor. I had a chance to attend visual arts at the university of Windsor. I obtained a BA in visual arts. I have worked in all mediums.  It has become a passion for me. I started with the Walkerville Artists' Co-op a couple of years ago  and belong to the ARA group as well. I am a mother, Grandmother and great grandmother  and hope to pass on the love of art to them.