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Vicky Giroux, painter

Art has always been an important part of Vicky’s life, but it was not until she retired in 2006 that she could devote more of her time to painting.


She graduated from the University of Waterloo with an honours degree in Mathematics and Computer Science, but along the way, took courses at the university in drawing, painting, sculpture and pottery (just to keep her sanity from all of the number mumbo jumbo in the mathematics courses). For 31 years she taught secondary school mathematics in Windsor. Painting had to take a back burner with a full time career, husband and two children.


At the beginning of her career she taught a few art classes at the high school level, and always managed to either take courses, classes or just enjoy doing art during the summer months, at the family cottage in Grand Bend.

Prior to retiring, she mainly worked with oils, but in the last few years, she has taken up watercolour and acrylic painting.


Her work has been shown and sold in several galleries in the Windsor Essex County region, including the Mud Puppy Gallery in Amherstburg and Nancy John’s Gallery in Windsor. Commissions have been done in watercolour and acrylic, and her paintings are in the homes of many Canadians and Americans.


Most of Vicky’s work is based on her own photographs from the area around the cottage in Grand Bend, and also from her extensive travelling with her husband, friends, and family.


She is a member of the Association of Representational Artists, which holds annual shows of its members, and also the Windsor Artists’ Co-op, where her work is on permanent display.


Being a teacher at heart, she has volunteered to do many demos of watercolour and tangled-doodles (similar to Zentangle) for the ARA and at the Tecumseh Museum. She also donates many of her paintings to charitable organizations for fundraising…her way of giving back.


Some of her work can be seen at the website


Life is good, and so much more enriched because of painting.

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